Alternative/Complimentary Therapies

P.O. Box 116,
Hamilton, VA

Dr. Sinn is one of only 75 veterinary behaviorists in the United States.  She maintains a private behavior consulting business in Northern Virginia where she sees a variety of clients from horses to dogs to exotic animals.  She enjoys working with cliets and helping them help their horses with a variety of behavior issues such as trailering problems;  veterinary and farrier phobias.
Leslie Sinn, DVM DACVB
Dunthorpe Farm Equine Services
35709 Suffolk Ln.
Purcellville, VA

Dunthorpe Farm is a specialty practice devoted to enhancing equine wellness and performance through chiropractic, acupuncture and dentistry, and small animal wellness through chiropractic and acupuncture.
Kelly Foltman, MS,DVM
Elite Power Stables, LLC
15840 Purcellville Rd.
Purcellville, VA

Balancing the equine body and mind through Masterson Method Integrated Equine Performance Bodywork and correct, balanced training.
Amber Fies

Education toward a career as a Certified Equine or Canine Massage Therapist.
Mary A. Schreiber
InForm Fitness
15 N King St.
Leesburg, VA

High intensity slow motion strength training.  I deal for the busy professional and AA equestrian.

*Home of Eventing Nation’s fitness columnist.
Laura Crump Anderson
39149 Fry Farm Rd.
Lovettsville, VA

Kinetic Balance was created to provide a holistic, pain free approach to physical therapy,  focusing on finding and  treating the cause of any problem rather than simply managing its symptoms.    With a passion for teaching people how to improve their flexibility, balance and posture at any age, for working with  equestrians and their horses, and for finding solutions to chronic conditions that were not resolved by traditional  therapies.
Catherine Wyckoff

Powell’s Equine and Canine Therapeutic Services.
Debra Powell
Shady Grove Magna Wave
370 E Diamond Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD

I provide Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. PEMF therapy works at the cellular level to produce optimum cellular energy and health which is necessary for proper or accelerated healing of every anatomical part of the body. If we help the cells, we can help everything! A pulsating magnetic field or PEMF is said to produce one main result: stimulating cell metabolism and increasing oxygenation. This action is thought to cause a chain of processes in the body that leads to improvement of health without side effects. Some of the effects of PEMF are: increased circulation, enhanced muscle function, decreased inflammation and pain, increased tensile strength in ligaments, increased healing of skin wounds, enhanced capillary formation, accelerated nerve regeneration and bone healing, less tissue death, stress reduction, and bone healing. In equines, PEMF therapy can be used for: back pain, abscesses and bruised foot soles, muscle soreness/fatigue/atrophy, stifle osteoarthritis and synovitis, fetlocks and pastern joint osteoarthritis and synovitis, white line disease, carpal pain and bursitis, flexor and extensor tendonitis, suspensory ligament and ligament branch desmitis, sesamoiditis, coffin joint synovitis, navicular syndrome and navicular bone bursitis, poll osteoarthritis and nuchal ligament calcification, EPM, Anhidrosis, Cushings disease, laminitis, and founder.

To see how horses have responded to the therapy, please visit the Shady Grove Magna Wave Facebook page at

Jaimie Pollock
Stonelea Farm – Ride Recovery
39953 New Rd.
Aldie, VA

Riding to Recovery
Horses and healing for sick children
Riding to Recovery is a program now open under the direction of Lucia DiBenedetto at Stonelea Farm in Aldie, Virginia, providing emotional and spiritual healing using the horse. This program is dedicated to serving children with illnesses versus disabilities as one would find at a traditional therapeutic riding center. Children faced with acute illnesses, where medical treatments and endless hospital visits are an integral part of their life, need a mental as well as physical reprieve from their pain.

Riding to Recovery provides children with a much-needed pleasurable outlet and gives them an identity outside of being ill. Horseback riding, along with the close relationships children build through working with horses, is a life-affirming journey toward wellness.

Lucia DiBenedetto
Total Equine Veterinary Associates
15660 Avebury Manor Place Leesburg, VA

We want to take care of your horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, and zebras for a long, long time.  That’s why Total Equine Veterinary Associates has a singular goal: provide the very best healthcare and service to our equine patients and their owners.  We’ve haven’t failed to notice that our health care approach ensure our patients live longer, healthier lives.  It’s what drives each member of the TEVA team!

Office and Pharmacy:
Morven Park Equestrian Center
41793 Tutt Lane
Leesburg, VA 20176
703 505 2320
Jay Joyce, DVM

A controlled and Quiet Alternative for ost-Injury & Post-Surgery Recovery

Katy Browne-Masek
43216 Farewell Dance Dr.
Leesburg, VA

To provide quality acupuncture treatments in the animal’s own environment where it is most comfortable. Primarily treats horses, dogs, and cats.
Katie Lipresti
201412 Woodtrail Road
Round Hill, VA

Who are we? Who do we serve? How does it work?

Mission Statement:

To facilitate meaningful growth through equine-centered outdoor programming, animal assisted activities, and mindfulness exercises with an emphasis on: communication, connection, partnership, and leadership.

Services delivered by a Recreational Therapist and (PATH ) Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International Certified Instructor.

Populations Served include but not limited to:
Veterans and active military
Grief support
TBI and concussion issues.
Those seeking time in nature and with animals for increased connection and time away from screens and phones.
Farm fitness program through farm chores and caring for the herd. Including hiking with horses in hand for connection, to improve leadership skills and over all fitness while in nature.

Current Groups:

Grief Support in Collaboration with Blue Ridge Hospice first Weds of the month. 4:30pm

Inpatient and outpatient Veterans and Active Military service members from the DMV accompanied by their Recreational Therapist.

Equine Assisted Learning 1/2 day clinics for First Responders seeking Therapeutic Recreation outlets for wellness and connection in collaboration with Badges United Foundation.

Yoga in The Nest for clients and neighbors to create wellness and fund programs offered by HHS.

Providing The BCR Boulder Crest Retreat Equine Module monthly for PATHH Warrior program.

Horse boarding for traveling horses to the Middleburg area for Foxhunting or competition.

Air BnB apartment that sleeps 4 above the stables. All funds from The Nest go towards funding the donated programs we offer.

Consulting and education on ground work equine programs focusing on connection, partnership and leadership.

Field hours provided and class sessions with experiential learning for outdoor Recreation students of Lord Fairfax College.

Please contact us for 1:1 or small group sessions. The fees from these sessions support the herd and donated programs.

(We are currently working with a non profit attorney to set up non profit status.)

Adrienne Freeland
Holistic Horsemanship Services LLC
Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
PATH Certified Riding Instructor
Adrienne Freeland
19798 Foggy Bottom Road
Bluemont, VA

Horse Training for ALL Disciplines, Physical Therapy for Riders, and Hippotherapy.

Irish Horse Import Sales

Training, Board & Various othe rtypes of board
Tootie Anderson
Panacea Life Sciences

Manufactures and develops a full line of high quality, organic, hemp derived CBD products including an equine supplement.
Debbie Bayly
Positive PROformance Magnawave PEMF
10415 Pleasant Vista Drive
Frederick, MD

Positive PROformance provides MagnaWave Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy.  MagnaWave PEMF therapy is used in nearly every competitive equestrian discipline for equine performance enhancement, health maintenance, and healing. MagnaWave has beneficial effects in alleviating equine tendon and ligament injuries, sore backs, sore stifles, chronic hock soreness, sore shoulders, non-union fractures, laminitis, founder, stone bruises, non-healing wounds and much more. Working on a cellular level, MagnaWave encourages the body to heal itself. MagnaWave for horses is a safe and effective, drug free alternative to keep your horse in optimal health.  MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissues to treat large focal areas like joints and major muscle groups. Penetration of the charge can be up to 16 to 18 inches into the equine body. Twitching muscles help to identify imbalances, pain or sore muscles that need to be further worked on with MagnaWave. By pinpointing the problem, we work at the source of pain rather than just manage its symptoms. MagnaWave for horses is safe to use and require no sedation. Please visit our Facebook page to see how horses respond to the therapy.

(703) 789-2145
Christine Rossomondo
Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio
13293 Crest Hill Rd.
Flint Hill, VA

Solaris Stable & Yoga Studio is a serene, unique retreat for human and horse.  We offer training, horsemanship and riding lessons, yoga with horses and EquiSpective™ .  Solaris is located just over an hour west of DC in Flint Hill, VA.
Angela Nuñez