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A Short Course on Pasture and Manure Management sponsored by #VirginiaCooperativeExtension-HORSE on September 25 at the Virginia Tech MARE Center in Middleburg. Other short courses will be held in Roanoke, Free Union and Chesapeake, Virginia. This is valuable information for the small horse farm owner.  Download the Flyer to sign up..

• Is your horse protected?
You have discussed a vaccination plan with your veterinarian and given the recommended vaccinations, is that all you need when traveling to and from events? No, biosecurity measures should also be taken to ensure your horse is protected from disease.

Some tips include:
• Limit horse to horse contact
• Do not share buckets, leads, tack etc.
• Do not dip the end of the water hose in bucket
• Know your horse’s normal temperature and monitor it with a temperature log
• If you handle multiple horses wash your hands in between handling
For more tips, download the Biosecurity Measure brochure.

• Warm Season Grasses for Horse Pasture and Hay
What are good choices for warm season grasses for horses IF I will probably focus on pasture but may also decide to produce hay? The categorical answer is Bermuda grass and Crabgrass.
Here are links to two publications from non-Virginia land-grant universities with information relevant for those of us in the Northern Piedmont.
Crabgrass for Forage
Bermudagrass A Summer Forage

For more information, please contact Jim Hillary, Assoc. Extension Agent: Animal/Crop Science or (703) 777-0373

• Loudoun Extension Service participated in an Equestrian Seminar Series – The presenters represented VCE and Virginia Tech’s Middleburg Agriculture Extension Research Extension Center (MAREC); two of the presentations were reviews of doctoral candidate research (very interesting).  Virginia Forage and Grassland Council, Buckeye Nutrition and other organizations sponsored the series.:
Pasture Grass & Legume Types in Our Area.
Horse Farm Management to Protect Water Quality and the Environment..
Matching Hay Quality to Equine Nutrient Requirements.
Turfgrass for Equine Operations Research Update.
Preventing Pasture Associated Laminitis Research Update

ELECTRONIC LOGGING DEVICE MANDATE – How will it affect you? prepared by American Horse Council 2017

COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE – How do I know if I need one? – prepared by American Horse Council 2017

CDL-CMV-ELD –  A Handy Chart describing the What They Are and How Do They Affect Me?

Tuesday Talk-Emergency Preparedness – text of Panel Discussion held February 16, 2016.

• Complete this Emergency Workbook to post in your barn or stable to provide vital information to first responders in case of an emergency.

• The Horse Owners Guide to Water Quality Protection offers conservation practices for horse facilities.

• The Protect Your Livestock brochure explains the program sponsored by the Loudoun County Sheriffs Department which aims to register livestock so that lost or escaped animals can be quickly returned to their owner.

• LCEA Position Letter to Loudoun County Board of Supervisors regarding Rural Roads in Loudoun County, and why they should be protected.  View It HERE.

• Proposed Bike & Pedestrian Trail from Round Hill to Purcellville – LCEA Position LetterREAD IT HERE. .