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Our mission is to protect the interests of horse owners and horse industries in Loudoun.

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LCEA Position Paper on Proposed Loudoun County Zoning regulations.

LCEA has been monitoring the zoning rewrite and given input to various zoning committees throughout the process.  The attached letter and matrix breaks down in detail our continuing concerns that, in LCEA’s view, will harm the county’s equestrian industry.  Unlike other agricultural uses, equine has stricter requirements for acreage, setbacks, maximum square footage of buildings, hours of operation and even number of employees.  While the attached Planning Commission’s working document partially addresses our concerns, they fall short.  LCEA believes the best remedy is two fold.  Provide some immediate adjustments as outlined in both our position paper and matrix, followed by inclusion in a ZOAM (zoning amendment) for wineries and breweries directly after approval of the rewrite.  The ZOAM should reflect a detailed analysis of the current equestrian sector including acreage, building needs, etc. and gauge that against significant complaints/infractions to adjust zoning regulations.
Kelly S. Foltman, DVM

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